Our expertise in the plastic industry is innovative design and a flexible schedule.

Injection moulding – contract manufacturing

We take the demands and needs of the client into account when designing and producing a mould for the purpose of manufacturing a product.

Injection moulding production
We produce plastic components of all sizes, in accordance with the client’s requirements. At the moment we have 30 injection moulding machines available to us, with clamping forces between 20 and 1600 tons. Our production equipment enables us to manufacture small and large plastic components, with weights from just one gram up to nine kilos. We currently manufacture around 600 different types of products.

We deliver as finished product packages as possible to our current clients. Our post-processing and packaging options guarantee the same precise quality from start to finish. For injection moulding products we offer post-processing services such as:

  • Assembly
  • Packaging directly into sales boxes
  • Tampographic printing